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    Eduardo Penteado is a Brazilian-American athlete who specializes in fitness and nutrition coaching based in Los Angeles California.

    Eduardo studies each client precisely to tailor a program that optimizes results while having fun, building confidence, and together creating a lifestyle that is easy to sustain. The evaluation will determine each person’s specific goals: fat loss, muscle gain, muscle definition, corrective exercise, and general wellness.

    His self discovery of the powerful connection between the mind-body-soul and how their synergy creates a healthy and happy lifestyle is Eduardo’s passion to share with others.


    Areas of Focus


    Losing weight does not mean depriving or starving yourself: In fact, if you are exercising regularly you will need to smartly intake enough food to make sure your body will healthily recover. Eduardo will help you combine the most optimal exercises, cardio techniques in a customized work out circuit to highly burn calories, you will leave the gym feeling at your best self.


    Lifting weights is one of the most important types of exercise you can do for your body. Training your muscles to become stronger is beneficial for everyone, not just for bodybuilders. Eduardo will tailor a program that best fits in your fitness goals, whether you are training for muscle gain, muscle definition or general wellness.


    Eduardo will perform varieties of assessments to evaluate areas that needs to be focused on. His determination is to help each client live pain-free, as most physical activities and sports consists of numerous multipoint movements. With a combination of stretching and dynamic exercises, his techniques of corrective exercises will help you improve posture, joints range of motion and movement patterns.


    Eduardo’s programs are heavily focused on improving daily biofeedback, how your body responds to daily activities is prioritized. It’s scientifically proven that exercise consistently helps reduce stress levels, improve quality of sleep, elevate daily mood and motivation, rebalancing hormones and regulate sex drive.


    Based on the most up to date science and research on nutrition Eduardo will help you modify your diet accordingly to what you enjoy eating, as well as what would be most beneficial for your goals, whether they are fat loss or body composition transformation. Growing up in Brazil where plant-based food is culturally common, he has naturally many years of experience learning how to tweak his own favorite foods and creating recipes that people can really enjoy while getting and staying fit.



    It's time to reach your full potential!

    Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. I am committed to help you become the best version of yourself. This starts with small changes with your currently daily habits. I strongly believe that the most rewarding project you will ever work on, is YOURSELF.

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    “ I visit Los Angeles periodically and have been lucky enough to have been introduced to Eduardo. He has an excellent work out routine that seems to cater to the individual. It is both a fun and a rewarding experience, and I feel immeasurably better after each workout. ”

    Michael Scales

    “ Wow wow wow! Such a good professional! Eduardo trains me 3 times a week and I’m so happy with how my body is evolving and creating a nice and strong shape. He has great knowledge of what he’s doing and is always willing to help me achieve my goals. Thank you so much! ”

    Lara Frohlich

    “ Eduardo is very committed to his career and clients. He is always on time, prepared, and brings an amazing energy and encouragement that keeps me motivated each time we train. I am very impressed with the results and my overall performance improvement since starting with Eduardo. I would highly recommend him as a very professional and skilled personal trainer. ”

    Jeff Brandolino

    “ Eduardo has been a great trainer. I was pretty out of shape at first and had a knee injury but he has been extremely patient and now I’m seeing results. He pushes me just the right amount and he’s easy to talk to. I would totally recommend him. ”

    Eric Thompson

    “ I’ve felt such tremendous change in my body since I started to train with Eduardo 4 months ago. I’ve always been very active and worked out for years, but after the gyms closed due to the pandemic I completely lost interest and didn’t know how to get back to it. Our workout sessions are so complete, he cares about me and my needs and is very professional. The results show!! I’m so happy I’m working out more and I’m finally back to my active routine.
    Thank you Edu :) ”

    Waimea Teixeira


    Ben Bourgeois

    “ I’ve had Eduardo guide me through workout routines and nutrition both in-person and remotely for over two years. I’ve found him to be conscientious, dependable, and supportive no matter where I am or when I happen to need a nudge. I am thankful for him and know he can provide the same top-notch service for many others. ”

    Jake Blaisdell

    “ After having grown up in Los Angeles, I've gone through my fair share of trainers. I can honestly say that Eduardo is by far the best trainer I've ever worked with.

    He takes an all-encompassing approach to each of his clients’ fitness needs. Specifically, he monitors your form, progression in strength building and even provides suggestions for your dietary needs. His professionalism balances perfectly with his fun and motivating spirit. Through his efforts, he has gotten me to the point where I look forward to my workouts because I can see and feel the results. Highly recommended for anyone serious about getting their health to the next level. ”

    Travis Kruger

    Eduardo is knowledgeable, professional, motivating, and full of good vibes and positive energy. He is the epitome of what a personal trainer should be.

    In short, he helps you to be at your best self and live your best life. THANK YOU EDUARDO!!!

    Christina Trieu

    Hiring Eduardo was one of the best decisions I have made. It had been quite some time since I was near a gym and I needed someone to motivate me and get me back on track.

    Eduardo did a thorough assessment of my current fitness level and he made sure to tailor the workouts to my level. Eduardo is a stickler for proper form, always making sure you are doing the exercises correctly while always pushing you to strive for improvement.

    I have noticed a big improvement in my fitness level since hiring Eduardo.

    I highly recommend Eduardo if you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and effective personal fitness trainer.

    Michael Dykes

    I have had the joy of training with quite a lot of trainers over the years very highly noted and well known ones and Eduardo is right up with the best of the best. I have started training with Eduardo and he is amazing well versed and very knowledgeable, I am very impressed. He Takes his time to make sure your form your body and everything is working together to get you the most out of your workout. I feel very well looked after, makes training that more enjoyable. So glad to have met you and excited for all that’s to come your way !!!

    Dave Stainwell

    I came to Eduardo because I was overweight, out of shape, and suffering from sciatica. I wanted to start taking my health more seriously, lose weight, and regain feeling and movement in my leg and foot. After an initial, complementary session, I decided to hire Eduardo. He gave me an InBody body composition analysis and direction on calorie intake and activity outside of the gym.

    Eduardo’s workouts are safe, varied, and challenging. I now have full movement in both my foot and leg, and I am no longer experiencing pain anywhere. I have lost 30 lbs. in 4 months and feel better than I have in a long time. These results would have been impossible without Eduardo. I need his expertise and encouragement, and he gives it.

    I like that Eduardo concentrates on the whole body. He also paid particular attention to causes and symptoms of my sciatica. I can work out in his gym which is clean and convenient. I have recommended and will continue to recommend his services to anyone looking to improve his or her health and fitness. It has been a very high-value service—nothing short of miraculous!

    Brandon DeHart

    Eduardo is knowledgeable and technically sound on the best exercises for each body part. What sets him apart from other trainers, however, is his personable, intuitive, and supportive style which is individually tailored to each client. Eduardo will ensure that every work out is challenging, effective, and fun!

    Marco Tarantino

    Personal training gives you motivation to continue training. Some weeks it is hard to stay motivated. Eduardo has really kept me moving. He is very personable and knowledgeable with the muscle groups to help you achieve your goals. His cheerful attitude makes the training time go quickly.

    Brandon Cohen

    Eduardo is a fantastic trainer! As someone who was nervous to start working out with a trainer to get my health back in order, I found him to be so approachable, knowledgeable, specific, in tune, motivating, and trustworthy. He knows his stuff and customizes each of my workouts to ensure that it is safe yet, productive. He is right there with you for each exercise to correct your form, cheer you on, and push you to higher limits. As someone who travels quite a bit, his online customized workouts are perfect for me to accomplish in my hotel room or at the hotel gym. Don't hesitate to contact him to get started. Remember...our health is #1. Prioritize YOU first. (Just like Eduardo will do each session.).

    William Carvalho

    I have been training with Eduardo for about four months and I am so happy with my results. He has been so patient and extremely motivating. He has listen to all of my requests of areas I have been trying to target and I am seeing results. I always recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you so much Eduardo for giving me my confidence and power back.

    Katherine Bernall

    I'm super satisfied with my decision to hire Eduardo. He is a professional with super potential and responsibility. He made me feel motivated. He is very kind, enthusiastic and his gym is brand new and clean, that's very important! I highly recommend him. The best decision I’ve ever made hiring him. Thank you for helping with my weight, achieving my goals. I’m very happy!

    Amanda Carvalho

    "I've only been training with Eduardo for two weeks since finding him on Instagram and couldn't be happier! His initial assessment correctly identified the areas for which I need strength and mobility work. Eduardo is very knowledgeable and is able to motivate me to keep going. I appreciate his desire to be a part of my fitness journey. His professionalism and caring attitude are also unmatched. I'm glad I signed up with him. Thank you, Eduardo!"

    Sam Razbannia

    Eduardo is fast and very professional. He listens to you and adapts to help you alleviate whatever it is you are dealing with physically! He is very attentive and knows the best way to help you reach your goals! The best trainer LA has to offer!

    You start to see results fast and makes the process enjoyable

    Emiliano Padilla

    Eduardo has shown commitment, tenacity and consistency in the betterment of me, both mentally and physically. I am so impressed by how he listens and pivots as needed in order to give me the greatest results. In a short time, I have noticed marked improvement in my overall strength and mobility.His follow up is impeccable, and his approach is kind and considerate at all levels.

    Cheers, Eduardo and thank you for all you do,

    Chris DeMenno

    I just started training with Eduardo, he’s a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced trainer. His energy is very positive yet disciplined. He pushes you to go harder each time. After my first trial session with him, my body was super sore and I already feel so much better since we started. He also helps you out with nutrition which is great. He’s also very responsive with any questions that come up and works with your specific goals. Highly recommended!!

    Sara Omran

    Eduardo is incredibly professional and detailed in his work. He has a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. He listened carefully to my fitness goals as well as my injury prone areas. He’s great at motivating me during workouts. Eduardo is the absolute perfect fit between someone that is easy to get along with/vibe as a person but also you know he will keep you accountable as your trainer. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Eduardo!

    Spencer Shehaan

    Eduardo is amazing! Thoughtful, caring, and intelligent. I’m so excited to continue our sessions

    Claudine Sooferan

    I've lived in LA 20 years and can confidently say this was one of the best training sessions I've ever had. Eduardo is attentive, intuitive, and pushes you juuuust hard enough. He has a very thorough 360 degree approach to his training which includes fitness, apps, food and lifestyle. Worth every penny!

    Laura Beckner

    Eduardo is extremely responsive and pays attention to your specific workout needs. Highly recommended.

    Ravi Saini

    I love working out with Eduardo. He makes sure I love my workouts and also he has all the knowledge about nutrition and proper care after workouts.


    Eduardo is the MAN. I’ve never had a personal trainer, as I’ve always worked out on my own and know my way around a gym. I figured I’d give it a shot, and he was referred by my manager. He was super responsive to my inquiry, and really showed me what a good trainer can DO. On his routine, over the course of 6 weeks I gained 5 lbs of skeletal muscle mass and lowered my body fat percentage (which is super hard to do simultaneously). He’s the real deal. Looking forward to getting back to work with him!

    Alan Trinca


    Client: Alan Trinca - 1 Month Transformation
    Gained 42 Muscle Mass
    Loss 0.4% Body Fat

    Client: Chris Demenno - Period: 4 months
    Body fat: from 24.4% to 16.6%
    Body weight: from 207.2lbs to 185.2lb


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